9 diseases that Sweet potatoes can treat more than some drugs

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+ Rich in antioxidants

Known for this peculiarity, sweet potato is rich in antioxidants, these are molecules that will help prevent damage to the body's cells. Notably chronic diseases such as diabetes or allergies. Antioxidants also help against cell ageing, cancer or heart disease.

They are mostly in the peel of sweet potato, called anthocyanins but also in the flesh with beta-carotene, antioxidant that helps for vision, improve breathing or protects your skin.

+ Rich in vitamins

One of the main benefits of the sweet potato is that it contains a lot of vitamins with more or less concentration, indeed when you cook the sweet potato, get ready to receive vitamins B6, B2, B5 but also the vitamins A and C.

• Vitamins B6, B5, B2: B6 plays a role in the renewal of red blood cells, and the manufacture of several hormones. B5 works on the nervous system. B2 works for the manufacture of several enzymes responsible for the degradation of several fatty acids.

• Vitamins A: Important in vision and stored in the liver

• Vitamins C: Help the body to make collagens and maintain tissue immunity and activate wound healing.

+ Rich in fibre

The fibres are very good for the intestine and the digestive system, they regulate the intestinal transit help in the regulation of cholesterol levels but also strengthen the immune system and help satiation and satiety.

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+ Rich in minerals and trace elements

Sweet potato is rich in minerals such as potassium, iron or magnesium and in trace elements such as manganese.

Magnesium is very useful for fighting stress, insomnia or depression.

Potassium is beneficial for healthy muscle tissue and for regulating blood pressure.



1. Prevents deficiencies in Vitamin A: Improves vision and the immune system

2. Balances blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity thereby reducing blood sugar.

3. Reduces the risks of cancer: Thanks to the antioxidants present in the sweet potato, they reduce tagging of the cells in general.

4. Increases brain capacity: Improved memory, especially thanks to the B vitamins present in the tuber.

5. Help for stress management: Thanks to magnesium and iron.

6. Limits the appearance of ulcers fibres present in the sweet potato will help you to better digest.

7. Reduces cardiovascular risks: Thanks to the antioxidants present in the sweet potato.

8. Is beneficial for hair and skin: The vitamin cocktail strengthens the hair and even allows it to grow on the scalp.

9. Very good during pregnancy for the fetus: Always thanks to vitamins A, very nutritious when breastfeeding. Vitamin is also good for fertility.

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