Borno state establishes a state security called "Borno state youth vanguard"

The Borno State Youth Vanguard

Fully kitted with submachine guns, operational vehicles and divided into sectors and platoons with commanders. They've got uniforms, ranks and are salaried! 

But of course, this paramilitary outfit is legal according to some people.

The Amotekun is not armed with submachine guns and not in any way near this private army in Borno state.

Yet, it is Amotekun that's dangerous according to critics like a certain Malami, a Balarabe or a Yakassai and that pseudo group called Myetti Allah! 

When you want to insult the Southern Nigerians, please garnish the insults with some respect! 

Dear Northern Establishment, whenever you point an accusatory finger l, observe that four fingers point back at you! 

Amotekun is here to stay whether you like it or not! Just like this vanguard. Nigeria is gradually becoming a regional state.

We await the South South and the South East regional versions of Amotekun! Protecting oneself is a fundamental human right!

If we must come to equity, we must do so with clean hands! Those people complaining about Amotekun could go hug a live transformer.and hopefully, get electrocuted!